A women’s group of our Grace Church first began in 1900 as the Ladies’ Aid Society. It changed names many times during the years. It was the Women’s Society of World Service and Women’s Society of Christian Service. Finally, in 1973, it became United Methodist Women. In 1964 an evening society, Faith Evening Circle, was created for young, working women in conjunction with an afternoon circle. The circles were both disbanded and became one group (United Methodist Women) which now meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Members of the world wide group of United Methodist Women support missions around the world. Being a member of the UMW is not required nor is there any minimum age requirement. Out of a commitment for mission locally and globally with women, children, and youth, UMW chooses to participate in meetings, prayer, financial giving, study, action and service. Our UMW has led our church in many money making projects including the Pice and Ice Cream Social/Sandwich Lunch and the bake sale during Scandinavian Days. UMW supports many missions both at home and abroad.

President: Gloria Sampson