The Prayer Shawl Ministry began in 2007 and aspires to provide comfort items to any person who is hurting in body, soul, or spirit, no matter what church family they worship with or even if they don’t have a church home.

We are named “Lambs of Grace.” The first year there were four people knitting and praying for people we did not know. It was challenging trying to knit and pray at the same time, but it did get easier. At the end of the first year we had made 18 items.

We faithfully pray while we are constructing these items, that God will provide His comfort, love, peace that passes understanding and healing for the body, soul, and spirit. We will also continue praying, however the spirit may lead each one of us. Our Heavenly Father knows who will receive the item we are preparing for one of His children.

After the item is finished, it is placed on the altar to be presented to the Lord and will receive the prayers from the entire congregation. The item will then be placed in storage until it is requested to be gifted. Anyone can request an item to be given by submitting a request form to the church office. Either the requestor, Pastor, or someone from the ministry will deliver the item to whomever was named in need of comfort.

We pray that we will never tire, that our hands will remain strong, that we might be a blessing to our fellow man. We do this out of abundance of love and compassion that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

Chair: Jeanne Hohneke