The United Methodist church is made up of several denominations. Our church, established in 1871, stems from the former Evangelical Church, then the United Brethren in Christ, which joined the Evangelical Association in 1946, and finally the Methodist Church with whom the EUB Church joined in 1968. Our church then became Grace United Methodist Church.

The first pastor, Reverend J.F. Yerger, visited the A. McCammon home (near Center School) and the Manges home and preached to groups of people. This was in 1870-1871. Services and Sunday School met at the Center School until 1876 and then met at the public school building in Story City (Fairview). The first Evangelical Church in Story City was a white clapboard church erected in 1883 on the site of the present church building. The second church was built in 1914. The Swan’s Opera House known as Swan’s Hall (upstairs in the Charlson building) was used for church services during the building of the new church. Then in 1961, the third and current church was build and later called Grace United Methodist Church.

Thirty-seven pastors to date have served our church. In the very early years the pastors were only allowed to stay in one location no more that three years. The turnover slowed by the 1930s. The first parsonage was build around 1880-1881 at 504 Lafayette. The old parsonage was sold in 1951 with a total receipt of $8,000. The new parsonage work started October 18, 1950. The brick veneer story and a half home was build under the Pastorate of Reverend W.D. Winter and located next door (south) of the church.


In 2019 we got a new Steeple.