Be part of the legacy.

In a truly enduring way, you can be a part of the legacy of Grace United Methodist Church. By making an Endowment Gift to Grace, you can ensure the difference you are already making will continue to have long-lasting effect.

Grace’s Endowment Committee has established a perpetual fund to provide for the church’s ongoing financial needs. By using a small portion of the fund value annually, we can ensure that Grace United Methodist Church will be able to minister to the needs of the church today and in the future, thus fulfilling our vision of being transformed by God and transforming the world into a compassionate, Christ-centered community.

Invest in Grace’s future.

You may direct your Endowment Gift to the undesignated General Endowment Fund, or to funds designated for a specific purpose. Or you may request a fund be established born of your own interest (request to be approved by the Endowment Committee). Currently, these Endowment Funds are available:

Undesignated Funds

  • General Endowment Fund (supporting special needs and ministries)

Designated Funds

  • Capital Improvements and Unbudgeted Property Maintenance
  • Mission Projects
  • K-12 Christian Education, Youth Ministries and Camping
  • Worship Ministries
  • Music Ministries

Endowment Gifts creating Endowment Funds from the following persons/families are gratefully acknowledged, are part of Grace’s endowment program and are accounted for separately: Beckman (Camping); H. Frandson (Youth); and Alma Hendrickson (undesignated).

Support Grace in perpetuity.

Have questions about Endow Grace?

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How does an Endowment Fund work?

An Endowment Fund is a long-term investment in Grace United Methodist Church. The gift amount is invested and the interest earned on the investment is available to use for the benefit of the church. A portion of the interest earnings is also re-invested into the principal to ensure the fund will grow to meet the needs of the future. Because an Endowment Gift does not spend the actual gift principal, you can guarantee the support of our church in perpetuity.

How can I make a gift to Endow Grace?

The most common donations are outright gifts, such as cash or a check, which Grace receives right away. But you may want to hold on to your money and other assets for now, just to be sure you can meet your family’s future financial needs. You may be delighted to learn that there are excellent alternatives, which allow you to still make a gift. Some of those options are:

Frequently Asked Questions About Endow Grace

Why was Endow Grace created?

The Grace Endowment Funds were established for the purpose of providing members and friends opportunities to make charitable gifts to the church that will become a permanent endowment of financial support and a living memorial. Grace Endowment Funds are intended for purposes that are not part of Grace’s established programs funded through the annual operating budget of the church and the regular giving of its members. Differing from memorial gifts and other types of giving, Endowment Funds do not spend the actual gift principal, thus enabling Endowment Gifts to provide funds in perpetuity.

Why should I make an Endowment Gift?

There are many reasons why. Consider that your Endowment Gift will:

  1. Preserve the future of our Church, the ministries and facilities that have value to you today.
  2. Maintain for the future those things that have made a difference in your life.
  3. Create an enduring legacy that will outlive you and influence succeeding generations.
  4. Help you discover the deep satisfaction of philanthropy far beyond what you think you can do.
  5. Give you a share of tomorrow’s Church.

Who are the Members of the Grace Endowment Committee?

As of 2018, the committee members are: Dan Webster (Chairman), Mark Barrett (Secretary), Becky Barclay (Finance chair), Candi Holm (Finance Representative), Kurt Carlson (Trustees Representative), David Barclay (Trustees Representative), and Pastor Jonathan Cooney.

The Endowment Committee will be glad to discuss with you Endowment Gifts to Grace United Methodist Church. These matters are treated confidentially.

For further information, please contact the church office, at 515-733-4712 or

The best use of life is to invest in something which will outlast life.