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Making Disciples for Jesus Christ

As Grace United Methodist Church forges ahead in our mission of “Making Disciples for Jesus Christ,” we must come together to acknowledge the accomplishments of our internal and outward ministries. When making disciples for Christ, the generations most powerfully impacted in this mission are our children and youth. Looking back, most of you can remember your first encounter with Jesus and the church. These memories are recollected from a Sunday School teacher, mentor, or elder in the church that stretched their faith in order to impress upon us the meaning of relationships. However, some memories originated outside the church setting as a child: coaches, teachers, friends of family, or the neighborhood grocer. Consequently, our mission does not lie in the church alone; we are obligated to reach outside our church walls and into the communities in which we associate. The “Making of Disciples for Jesus Christ” means it is imperative that the glory of God be witnessed by the light that emerges from our relationships. At Grace United Methodist Church, our ministries are built on the foundation of relationships that span three or more generations.

Grace United Methodist Church is united to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the masses and train disciples for Christ. Join us as we continue to grow as a church body and welcome all who come to Him. Where ever you are on your journey, our prayer is that you may find peace and comfort in the relationships integrated in the family of Grace United Methodist Church!

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